Flowers on a dark background

Our story

All of this started with two normal guys who knew nothing about flowers (except that the women in our lives loved them). We were frustrated by how painful it was to buy flowers online - too many choices of what was essentially the same selection of uninspired bouquets.

We wanted to buy awesome flowers for someone special, in a way that was familiar, easy and rewarding. So we started Flower Bros.

What’s different about us? Let us explain.

Quality Flowers

Our arrangements are designed by only the finest florists, styled to your taste - not your grandma’s (unless your grandma is super hip).

We work directly with Australia’s premium florists to find flowers WE would buy for our loved ones. If we (or our loved ones) don’t love them, we don’t sell them.

Finally, each order goes through our stringent quality control before making its way to you.


At Flower Bros, you’ll get an on-trend premium flower arrangement for the same price you would get a bland, run-of-the-mill, grandma-style bouquet from other online florists.

Our arrangements are artful. Our flower game is strong. And we don’t charge extra for it.

We also value your time. The whole Flower Bros experience is specially designed to make buying flowers a rewarding and simple process. No filler. No fuss. Just get in, grab an amazing bunch of flowers, then get on with your life.


Flower Bros. isn’t a cold, bottom-line operation, but a passion project by two guys who won’t settle for the limitations of traditional business.

No corporate suits and cheese here. We keep it real, offer an awesome product, and have fun.

That’s the experience you get with us. Forget the BS upsell that other florists throw at you. We offer great flowers, simple shopping, and friendly service from people who love what they do.